Textron AirLand Scorpion

Textron AirLand is a joint venture between Textron Inc. and AirLand Enterprises LLC, set up to jointly develop a light, easy and inexpensive attack and reconnaissance aircraft. The result is the Scorpion, a twin jet aircraft with high mounted, straight wings. The two engines are in the rear of the fuselage, with space in between. They are fed by nearly rectangular air intakes with rounded corners below the wings. The intakes are separated from the sides of the fuselage and the wings. Another typical feature are the two tall vertical fins on top of the engines, canted outwards. The Scorpion has an all single wheel retractable gear. The cockpit sits two crew members in tandem, under a canopy that opens as a single piece to the right.

From this angle you can see the air intakes of the Scorpion, separated from the wings and fuselage, as well as the single piece canopy opening to the right.

Confusion possible with

Kawasaki T-4

p180 avanti

The Kawasaki T-4 has similar shaped air intakes as the Scorpion, and also high wings and a tandem canopy opening to the right. However, the T-4 has a single vertical stabiliser, swept wings and exhaust below the rear fuselage.