PZL I-22/M-93/M-96 Iryda

When Poland needed a successor to the TS-11 Iskra jet trainer, PZL Mielec came up with a design than is alternatively called I-22, M-93 and M-96. Its configuation is much similar to that of the Alpha Jet and Kawasaki T-4, with high wings, a tall vertical stabiliser curving into a dorsal fin and a cockpit in which the student and instructor sit behind each other, the instructor in the rear sitting somewhat higher. The canopy opens in two pieces. The rounded rectangular air intakes are below the instructor's seat. The nacelles are attached to the side of the fuselage wings and have no visible external tail pipes. Like on the Alpha Jet, there is space between the nacelles and the wings. The landing gear is shorter than that of the look-a-likes.

Like the Alpha Jet the I-22 has space between the nacelle and the wings. Also note the three piece canopy.

The tail of the I-22 is similar to that of the Alpha Jet and Kawasaki T-4. Note no external tail pipes are visible.

Confusion possible with

Alpha Jet

alpha jet e

The Alpha Jet is obviously a look-a-like of the Iryda. The main difference is in the semi circular air intakes, visible tail pipes and triangular cockpit window between the front and rear seat.

Kawasaki T-4

kawasaki t 4

Unlike on the Alpha Jet and I-22, the Kawasaki has no space between the wings and engine nacelles. The tail pipes are visible though. Additionally, the air intakes of the T-4 are more rectangular and have a slight wedge shape when seen from ther side.

Aermacchi M346 Master


The M346 is a mid-wing aircraft, while the PZL has high mounted wings. Also note the realitively large vertical stabiliser and the leading edge extensions of the wings along the fuselage.

FMA IA-63 Pampa

ia 63

The design of the Pampa is clearly influenced by that of the Alpha Jet, probably because Dassault helped FMA in the development. The Pampa is smaller though and has only one engine. (photo Chris Lofting/WikiMedia)

SIAI-Marchetti S211 & Leonardo M345

s211 m345

In many ways this aircraft looks like the the Iryda, but it is smaller and has one engine. There are smaller differences as well, such as horizontal stabilisers and nose gear doors.