Pilatus PC-24

Pliatus' first entry in the private jet market seems to conform the company's 'nose' for niche opportunities. The PC-24 may seem a regular bizjet at first with low swept wings, T-tail and engines attatched to the rear fuselage, but there are two characteristics that puts it aside from other models. First is the ability to operate from grass and gravel runways. The second is the versitality: while the primary use will probably be as a private jet, it is also very suitable as for example an ambulance aircraft. Unlike other bizjets the PC-24 has a large cargo door on the left side, in between the wing and engine. Other recognition points are the lack of winglets, tabs at the back of the nacelles and nose/cockpit contour. The main gear has two wheels. 

No other bizjet type has a large cargo door like the PC-24, so this makes for an easy recognition point.

The PC-24's nacelles have typical tabs at the top of the exhausts.

From the tip of the nose until the cockpit roof is almost a straight line, even more than on the Phenom 300.

Confusion possible with

Embraer 505 Phenom 300


You are very likely to mix-up the PC-24 and Phenom 300 from their general appearance, although the Phenom 300 has winglets, single wheels on the main gear and no tabs at the nacelles.

Learjet family

learjet 40

Many of the Learjet family could potentially be mixed up with the PC-24, the ones with winglets like the Learjet 28/29, 31 and 40/45 more likely than models with tip tanks. Anyway the lack of cargo door and nacelle tabs, together with two cockpit windows (in most cases).

Embraer 500 Phenom 100


The Phenom 100 is of course more similar to the Phenom 300 than the PC-24. The Phenom 100 has no winglets but straight wings, and is shorter than the PC-24.

Cessna 650 Citation III


The main differences between the Citation III and the PC-24 are in the cockpit windows, engine nacelles and top of vertical stabiliser. Also note that the PC-24 has a bigger dorsal fin and a ventral fin.

Sino-Swearingen SJ30

sj30 2

Unusual for the SJ30 are the legs of the main landing gear, which look somewhat like those of a Jaguar fighter, the leading edge of the vertical stabiliser, curved al the way to the trailing edge. This is the best way to distinguish it from PC-24, apart from the cargo door which the SJ30 doesn't have.