Cirrus/Israviation ST50

The ST50 is a single engine turboprop aircraft with the engine in the rear fuselage, driving a pusher propeller. It also has a horizontal and vertical stabiliser in a true crucifix shape, with the engine drive shaft in between. Other features include rectangular cabin windows with rounded corners and a single wheel gear, of which the nose gear retracts backwards. It was to be marketed by Cirrus, but just one proof-of-concept aircraft was built in Israel.

Confusion possible with

Cirrus VK-30

beech 2000a

This kit-built aircraft was the origin for the ST50, and has therefore the same basic configuration. The VK-30 has a piston engine in the rear and no ventral fin. Also the cabin windows are larger and the nose gear retracts forward. (photo: FlugKerl2/WikiMedia)

Jetcruzer 450

beech 2000a

The Jetcruzer 450 also has a pusher prop in the rear fuselage and is of similar size as the ST50. However, the Jetcruzer has a canard configuration with vertical stabilisers at the ends of the wings. (photo Bernhard C.F. Klein Memorial Collection -