Cessna 650 Citation III/VI/VII

The Cessna Citation III was the first Citation with a T-tail. It also has a different type of fuselage compared to the Citation I and Citation II. The cockpit windows and the large thrust reverser fairings allow an easy distinction from other bizjets with T‑tail and engines attached to the rear of the fuselage.

The Citation VI is a Citation III with somewhat simpler equipment. We have found no external differences to distinguish the two versions, hence we mention it under the same heading as the Citation III.

The Citation VII has a different version of the TFE731s that power the Citation III/VI, but this has not led to a different external appearance.

The Cessna 650s have long fairings for the thrust reversers. Also note the bullet fairing on top of the vertical stabiliser.

The Citation III has six cockpit windows and a blunt nose, that was later used on the Citation Excel.

Confusion possible with

Cessna 525C Citation CJ4


In general appearance the Citation III and Citation CJ4 have something in common. Look for example at the shape of the cabin windows and the tailcone. However the cockpit windows are significantly different, as well as the engines nacelles. Note that there is hardly any fairing between the horizontal and vertical stabiliser.

Cessna 750 Citation X


Especially when looking at the nose there is quite a resemblance between the Citation III and the Citation X; the heritage is clear. However, compared to the Citation III the Citation X has much larger engines, without external holders for the thrust reversers, and a bigger fairing behind the horizontal stabiliser.

Embraer 505 Phenom 300


The main differences between the Citation III and the Embraer Phenom 300 are in the four instead of six cockpit windows, engine nacelles without thrust reversers and top of vertical stabiliser. Also note that the Phenom has both a dorsal fin and a ventral fin, as well as winglets. So it shouldn't be so hard to keep them apart.

Pilatus PC-24

pc 24

Like the Citation III the Pilatus PC-24 has no winglets, but for the rest there are many - sometimes subtle - differences. Look for example at the (four) cockpit windows, engine nacelles, top of vertical stabiliser and nose gear doors.