Airbus A400 Grizzly

The Airbus A400 is a military transport aircraft, roughly sized in between the Lockheed Hercules and the Boeing C-17. It is quite easy to recognise, because there are no other four-engined turboprop aircraft with high wings and a T-tail. You are more likely to confuse it for a Boeing C-17, which has a similar silhouette (but is a jet), or the Antonov An-70, which also has multi-bladed propellers, but not T-tail.

Airbus A400M

There is essentially one version of the A400, the A400M. The aircraft is designated Atlas C1 is Royal Air Force service.

Airbus A400M of Turkish air force

Confusion possible with

Boeing C-17

c 17

While the C-17 Globemaster III has a very similar silhouette as the A400M, the C-17 is a jet aircraft and the A400 a prop aircraft. Also the A400 is smaller than the C-17.

Antonov An-70

an 70

The An-70 is also a prop-driven transport aircraft, and of the same size as the A400. However, the An-70 has a conventional horizontal stabiliser, attached to the fuselage instead of on top of the vertical stabiliser.