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The stretched version of the Shorts 330 has a single vertical stabiliser, so it is more conventional than its predecessor. Still the main features are kept: the square fuselage cross section, the strut braced wings and the main landing gear retracting in streamline pods.

Short Sealand

The Sealand amphibian has typical rounded rectangular cabin windows. The wings are long and have rounded tips. The main gear retracts in the side of the fuselage, somewhat diagonally. Finally, it is equipped with inline piston engines.

SIAI Marchetti SF600 Canguro

The Canguro has long, non-tapered wings mated to a square cross section fuselage. It also has a fixed gear, sometimes with streamlined fairings over the wheels. The main gear has double wheels and is attached to small stubs at the bottom of the fuselage. (photo: Fsel55/WikiMedia)

SIAI-Marchetti S211 & Leonardo M345

This basic jet trainer is looks a bit like a small Kawasaki T-4 or Alpha Jet, but then with one engine. There are semi circular or rounded rectangular air intakes, and the wings directly are attached to the air channel. The exhaust pipe is at the very end of the fuselage. 

SIAI-Marchetti SF260

This basic trainer is known for its sleek design with bubble canopy over the side-by-side cockpit. Tip tanks are standard, as is the retractable gear. Most were deli­vered to military operators, but a civil version is available as well.

Sikorsky S-22

From Sikorsky's Soviet period is this large biplane powered by four piston engines without any covers, driving two blade propellers. The engines of the S-22 are in between the upper and lower wings. Typical are the large square cockpit and cabin windows.

Soko G-2 Galeb

The basic appearance, straight wings with tip tanks are like that of the Aermacchi MB326, but for the rest it is significantly different. The landing gear retracts inward, the air intakes have a long D-shape and the canopy has three frames, giving it two separately opening parts. Also has a single seat version, the J-21 Jastreb.

Soko G-4 Super Galeb

The Super Galeb is similar to the BAe Hawk, including having horizontal stabilisers with anhedral and swept wings. The leading edge of the vertical stabiliser is not as curved though. Also the forward part of the canopy consists of a front and two side panels. 

Soko J-22 Orao/IAR-93 Vultur

The Orao is a twin engined fighter of similar appearance to the Jaguar, in particular the double wheel, claw-like main landing gear and nearly square air intakes in front of the wing roots. The exhausts are at the very rear of the fuselage though. Also, it has a single wheel nose gear. 

Sopwith Camel

The upper and lower wings of the Camel have the same span, but the lower wings have dihedral while the upper ones have none. There are double  struts between the outer wings, supplemented by four struts in V shape between the front fuselage and upper wings. The aircraft has a rotary piston engine with cowling.