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One of the smallest bizjets is this very light jet developed by Cirrus. It can be recognised easily by its short “fat” fuselage, butterfly tail and jet engine on top of the fuselage, in between the V-tail.

Comac ARJ21

You can best describe this as a DC-9/MD-80 clone as they bear a large resemblance. The easiest way to recognise the ARJ21 is by its small winglets and engines with separate fan exhausts. When comparing it with the Tu-334 look at the landing gear legs and doors.

Comac C919

This Chinese jetliner has a large resemblance with the A320 and the Irkut MC-21. It is easiest recognised by the number of cockpit windows: four on the C919 and six on the other two.

This single engine turboprop looks somewhat like a TBM with a Swearingen Merlin tail and large winglets. The large five bladed prop and especially the two large exhausts make it stand out from the Ae270 and TBM series.

What makes the composite Comp Air 9 different from other aircraft is the fixed landing gear, optionally with streamlined pods around the wheels. Furthermore it has a high wing without wing struts, a normal tail and a single turboprop engine in the nose.

Consolidated PBY Catalina/Canso

The Catalina is one of the most well-known flying boats/amphibian airplanes in the world, with its large parasol wings and rounded cruciform tail. Most versions are pure flying boats, some are amphibian.

Convair 240/340/440/580/600/640

A fifty seat propliner with rectangular cabin windows, double wheel main landing gear retracting in the nacelles and a typical 1940s style vertical stabiliser with curved dorsal fin, leading edge and top. A key feature is the upward opening cabin door.

Convair 880/990

Less a success than the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8 the Convair 880/990 is much rare than its competitors. It can be recognised by the absence of the air intakes under the nose (compared to DC-8) and antenna on top of the vertical stabiliser (compared to Boeing 707 family). Moreover it has a triangular last cockpit window.

Convair B-58 Hustler

This supersonisch bomber has large delta wings and four engines in pods under the wings. There is no comparable aircraft so you should be able to recognise it easily.

Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

The Convair F-102 Delta Daggers have the same basic configuration as the Dassault Mirages, but are easily distinguished by the nearly triangular vertical stabiliser and the narrow, bean shaped air intakes below the canopy, with an external plate to slow the supersonic air flow instead of a semi conical one.