Start identification!

When you know what to look for you can start the identification. This can be done in two ways:

  1. By main characteristics. This method is based on first narrowing down your search to all aircraft types that have the same characteristics as the airplane or helicopter you are looking for, by using checkbox filters. Then pick the aircraft type that most resembles the one you are looking for. You go the page for that main aircraft type, to continue the search for the exact version or subtype. The page shows you the details you have to look at to determine the exact aircraft type, using photos where possible. There are separate pages for identifying airplanes (including tiltrotors) and helicopters/eVTOLs.
  2. By aircraft manufacturer and main aircraft type. If you already know the main type of the airplane or helicopter and are just looking for the exact subtype you can also start the identification process from the combination of manufacturer and main aircraft type.

Good luck!