IAI1126 Galaxy & Gulfstream G200

While loosely based on the Astra SPX, the IAI1126 Galaxy is a significantly different aircraft. It has the same basic configuration but with strengthened Astra wings, a much wider fuselage, more and oval cabin windows, an inlet for the air conditioning in the dorsal fin, a short landing gear and long fairings for the thrust reversers. Especially the short nose gear is a clear recognition point, which it only shares with the T-tailed Gulfstream G280.

After inclusion in the Gulfstream product line, the new marketing name and official designation of the Galaxy became G200.

Nose of the IAI1126 Galaxy, clearly showing the short nose landing gear.

Tail of the G200. Note the ventral fins and long fairings for the thrust reversers.

Full view of Gulfstream G200.

Confusion possible with

Gulfstream G280


Basically the Gulfstream G280 is nothing more than a Gulfstream G200 with a T-tail. While that should be enough for easy identification, without looking at the tail you can easily mix them up.

Dassault Falcon 2000

falcon 2000

The Falcon 2000 has roughly the same configuration and size as the Galaxy/G200, so you might confuse both. In the details, the aircraft types are significantly different. Compare for example the cockpit windows, the space between cabin windows, the back of engine nacelles, the tailcone and the horizontal stabiliser and you will find it easy to name the correct aircraft type.

Cessna 680A Citation Latitude

citation latitude

While bigger and wider the tail of the Citation Latitude is comparable in shape to the Gulfsteam G200. For the rest the aircraft types are sufficiently different to keep them apart easily.