Embraer 500 Phenom 100, 100E, 100EV & 100EX

The smallest of the Embraer corporate jets is a bit of a crossover between the Cessna CitationJet and the Raytheon Premier I. Compared to the first the Phenom has a more pointy, streamlined nose, smaller cockpit windows and large dorsal fin. The Premier I also has a pointy nose, but difference cockpit windows and swept wings. 

Note that the Phenom 100 has a larger brother, the Phenom 300, with which is shares a large resemblance. The Phenom 300 has however swept wings with winglets and is longer, with five cabin windows instead of four.

There are four versions, which as externally the same. The Phenom 100 is the baseline version. A different spoiler system on the wings is the main characteristic of the Phenom 100E. The Phenom 100EV (for Evolution) has a better performance due to weight savings and a higher thrust setting for the engines. Finally, the Phenom 100EX has a lighter interior, updated avionics and a (fifth) side facing seat as standard. The latter was optional on other previous versions though...

In Brazilian military service the Phenom 100EV is designated as U-100. The Royal Air Force calls them Phenom T1.

EMB500 Phenom 100

Tail of Phenom 100.

Nose of Phenom 100.

Confusion possible with

Embraer 505 Phenom 300


You are very likely to mix-up the Phenom 100 and Phenom 300, as they have a lot in common, externally that is. The main difference it however clear: the Phenom 100 has straight wings, the Phenom 300 swept wings with winglets. Also the Phenom 300 is longer.

Cessna CitationJet/Citation CJ series


Another possible confusion is the Cessna CitationJet and Citation CJ family. The Phenom 100 can be distinguished by its more pointy, streamlined nose, smaller cockpit windows and large dorsal fin.

Raytheon 390 Premier I

raytheon 390

Like the Phenom 100 the Premier I has a pointy nose, but a larger diameter cabin, different cockpit windows and swept wings.

Eclispe 500

eclipse 500

The shape of the cabin windows and small engines may make you think this is a Phenom 100, but the Eclipse 500 has a tapering fuselage, tip tanks and different cockpit windows.