Dassault Falcon 7X/8X

These tri-jets form the flagship duo of Dassault, based on the Falcon 900EX. The 7X and 8X are bigger, but more important are the more streamlined cockpit windows. The “saw tooth” trailing edge of the vertical stabiliser and the main gear doors are also clear indicators.

The "saw tooth" trailing edge of the vertical stabiliser is a clear recognition point of the Falcon 7X/8X

Re-styled cockpit windows of the Falcon 7X/8X, with four more curved windows instead of six flat ones.

Falcon 7X

At first it was not so difficult to recognise a Falcon 7X because of differences with the Falcon 900 described above gave enough to look for. However with the arrival of the Falcon 8X things changed. The Falcon 7X is a metre shorter than the 8X, so the first reaction would be to count windows: indeed most Falcon 7Xs have five windows between the emergency exit and the engines while the 8X has six. However, this is not definitive as the number of cabin windows depends on the cabin configuration. Luckily there are two more distinctive differences. The Falcon 7X has taller winglets than the 8X, which are attached to the wing tips more angular. Additionally, the housing for the optional enhanced vision system's camera (in front of the cockpit windows) is nearly as high as it is wide.

A full view of a Falcon 7X, with five cabin windows between the emergency exit and engine nacelle.

Detail of the winglets of the Falcon 7X, showing its tall and angular design.

Falcon 8X

The improved version is the slightly longer Falcon 8X. In most cases it has more cabin windows than the 7X, with six windows between the emergency exit and the engine nacelle. However, there may be Falcon 8Xs with less cabin windows. However, the transition between the wing tips and winglets is more curved on the Falcon 8X, and the winglets are less tall than on the 7X. Finally, the opneing for the EVS camera on top of the nose is wider than it is tall, another clue to distinguish the Falcon 8X from the Fancon 8X.

This Falcon 8X has six cabin windows between the emergency exit and nacelle, like most Falcon 8Xs.

The opening for EVS camera opening in front of the cockpit windows is wider than it is tall, but retains the trapezium shape.

The Falcon 8X has has wider, but less tall winglets than the Falcon 7X, and have a more curved attachment.

Confusion possible with

Dassault Falcon 900

falcon 900

Given that the Falcon 7X and 8X are derived from it you are most likely to confuse them with the Falcon 900. Look for the differences in cockpit windows and main landing gear doors, and the saw tooth versus straight trailing edge of the vertical stabiliser.

Dassault Falcon 50

falcon 50

Especially when not having a clear view on the aircraft you might also mistake a Falcon 7X for a Falcon 50. However, when you see the large cabin windows of the latter you will immediately notice that you are wrong.