Dassault Falcon 10/100

The baby jet of Dassault is a smaller version of the Falcon 20 with different, but still six cockpit windows and three or four cabin windows on each side. The Falcon 10 retains the double wheel main gear, but has a single wheel nose wheel. Another typical feature is the split cabin door, partly opening up and partly down. All versions are powered by TFE731 engines, except for the prototypes, which had General Electric CJ610s in narrower nacelles.

Different nose of Falcon 10 compared to that of the Falcon 20 and Corvette.

Falcon 10 & Falcon 10MER

The first version was the Falcon 10. It is characterised by the three cabin windows on the right side of the fuselage. 

Falcon 10MER is the French navy version of the aircraft, used for transport and communication.

The standard Falcon 10 is recognised by the three cabin windows on the right side.

Falcon 10MER is the French navy designation for the Falcon 10, that is externally not different though.

Falcon 100

A fourth cabin window on righthand right side of fuselage is the main difference with the Falcon 10. Other improvements include an increased takeoff weight, a larger luggage compartment that is externally accessible and a glass cockpit.

Only on the right side you can easily externally distinguish a Falcon 100 from the 10, by the fourth cabin window.

Confusion possible with

Aérospatiale Corvette


Compared to the Corvette the Falcon 10 has fewer cabin windows, six cockpit windows (instead of four), no tip tanks and no air intake in the dorsal fin.

Dassault Falcon 20

falcon 20e

The Falcon 10 is clearly derived from the larger Falcon 20. The Falcon 20 is longer with five cabin windows, has different cockpit windows and two wheels on the nose landing gear.