Comp Air 12

In 2007 this composite single engine turboprop made its first flight. It appeared at some air shows the next years after which it became silent. So it looks like a one off aircraft...

In appearance the Comp Air 12 is somewhat like a mix of a TBM and an Ae270 with a cruciform as the Swearingen Merlin tail. Typical for the Comp Air are the large winglets, a large five blade prop and the two large exhausts at the bottom of the nose, behind the nose gear.

Confusion possible with

Daher (SOCATA) TBM series

tbm 930

Some versions of the TBM have winglets like the Comp Air 12, but there are many diffe­rences as well. These include the conventio­nal tail and exhausts at the side of the nose. Finally, the TBM has a typical, nearly triangu­lar cockpit side window. 

Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel

m 101t

This Russian single engine turboprop looks more like a TBM than a Comp Air 12. Look at the engine cowling with exhausts at the side, three cabin windows, lack of winglets and small nose gear doors to recognise the M‑101T.

Aero-Vodochody Ae270


This single engine turboprop has no wing­lets, but has two exhausts at the side of the nose and a conventionally placed horizontal stabiliser. That should be enough to avoid a mix-up with the Comp Air 12.

Piper PA-46

pa 46 500tp

The PA-46 jetprop versions are Pipers entry in the single turboprop class. It can be distinguished from the Comp Air 12 mainly by the larger, rectangular cabin windows (in landscape mode, so wider than high), but also by the conventional tail, air intakes below/beside the prop spinner and exhausts at the side of the nose.

Falcon 402

falcon 402 oval windows

When you put a single turboprop in the nose of a Cessna 402 you immediately get a look-al-like. However, the tip tanks, cockpit window and tail are still clearly original to the Cessna, and as such key feature for recogni­tion. (photo Kevin Cleynhens)