Cessna 750

The Cessna 750 shares the front fuselage of the Citation III with a longer fuselage, a new wing, much larger engines without fairings for thrust reversers and a redesigned empenage with a large fairing extending from the top of the vertical fin. Notable other features are the long fuselage-wing fairing under the fuselage and double wheel nose gear.

Citation X

The first production version has no winglets as standard, but they can be fitted afterwards. Therefore this is no clear recognition point. To differentiate the Citation X from the Citation X+ you have to look at the cabin windows on the right side. At the Citation X the distance between all cabin windows is the same.

Cessna 750 Citation X. Note the long fairing under the fuselage and relatively big engines.

Detail of the large engines of the Citation X and the large fairing behind the horizontal stabiliser.

Citation X+

The Citation X+ has compared to the Citation X a longer fuselage, which can be observed by looking at the distance between the first two cabin windows on the right side: this is larger than between the other cabin windows. Also the Citation X+ has factory-installed winglets.

The Cessna 750 Citation X+ is recognised by the larger distance between the first two cabin windows than the other windows.

Confusion possible with

Cessna 650 Citation III


As the Citation X shares the front fuselage with the Citation III you could mistake one for the other. However, the Citation III is smaller, and has different engine nacelles and top of the vertical stabiliser (no large fairing behind the horizontal stabiliser).

Bombardier Challenger 300/350

cl 300

Less likely you may mix-up a Citation X with the Challenger 300/350. However the differences are many: the Citation X has more cockpit windows, larger nacelles and a large fairing behind the horizontal stabiliser, to name a few.

Cessna 700 Citation Longitude


The Citation Longitude has relatively smaller engines than the Citation X, and four cockpit windows istead of six.