Antonov An-28, An-38 & PZL M28

Using the An-14 as starting point Antonov created a utility/transport aircraft that was originally known as An-28. While Antonov only built prototypes and pre-production aircraft, series production was undertaken by PZL-Mielec of Poland. PZL developed its own variants under the designation M28 Bryza/Skytruck.

The aircraft has a short fuselage with a square cross section with rounded corners. Long, slender wings are attached on top of it, passing above the cabin. They are braced to the stubs at bottom of the fuselage, where also the landing gear is attached. All legs have single wheels. The rear fuselage slopes up for easy loading and unloading. Cabin windows are nearly square, with rounded corners. At the end of the fuselage is an H-tail with typical swept leading edges, differently above and below the horizontal stabiliser. The front fuselage is reasonably streamlined, with four cockpit windows in most cases.

The vertical stabilisers of the An-28/M28 have a sweep that is different above and below the horizontal stabiliser, creating a typical dented leading edge.

Different versions

The different versions of the An-28/An-38/M28 can be recognised by looking at:

  • the length of the fuselage
  • the shape of the engine nacelles
  • the presence of bulges/domes underneath fuselage
  • whether the gear is (partially) retractable or not

Details will follow later.

Confusion possible with

Antonov An-14

an 14

The An-14 was the predecessor of the An-28, and they share the main design characteristics. The rear fuselage of the An-14 slopes up earlier, and the horizontal stabilisers have a dihedral, which means the vertical stabilisers are tilted inward. The latter are rectangular, with straight edges. Finally most An-14 versions have radial engines.

Short SC7 Skyvan

sc7 3 200

The Skyvan is in the same class as the An-28/M28 and quite similar in appearance. The Skyvan has a shorter fuselage but with a larger square cross section, creating a real flying 'shoe box' look. The vertical stabilisers have no sweep and are completely rectangular, with all straight edges. Finally, the cockpit window are different and the nacelles smaller.

Short SD3-30

sh330 200

This commuter aircraft was developed from the Short Skyvan. While being bigger it retains the key 'box' features. The nose is longer though and more pointed than on the Antonovs and the gear is retractable in pods. Also the vertical stabilisers have straight (leading) edges.