Aérospatiale Corvette

The Corvette is a small business jet, that could be mistaken for a Falcon 10 or a Falcon 20. Like those aircraft, the tail of the Corvette has a cruciform shape. In front is a dorsal fin with air inlet. All landing gears have single wheels. The cockpit windows are somewhat like those on the Gulfstream G-III, G-IV and so on. Finally tip tanks are fitted to most Corvettes.


Aérospatiale first built a prototype, designated SN600. Only one was built, which was lost during the test programme. It has a long dorsal fin with an inlet at the side. The horizontal stabiliser is attached about halfway the vertical fin.

The SN600 had a long dorsal fin and horizontal stabilisers about halfway the vertical fin. (photo: Johan Visschedijk/


Following the crash of the SN600 prototype Aérospa­tiale further developed the aircraft into the SN601. Compared to the SN600 it has a fuselage that is about a metre longer. The dorsal fin is shorter and has an inlet at the front. The horizontal stabiliser is mounted lower than on the SN600, at about the three quarters from the top of the vertical stabi­liser. Most SN601s have tip tanks, but not all.

An SN601 Corvette with tip tanks. Note the lower mounted horizontal stabilisers and air intake in the root of the dorsal fin.

Confusion possible with

Dassault Falcon 10

falcon 10

Compared to the Corvette the Falcon 10 has fewer cabin windows, six cockpit windows (instead of four), no tip tanks and no air intake in the dorsal fin.

Dassault Falcon 20

falcon 20e

Like the Falcon 10 the Falcon 20 lacks the tip tanks that are typical for the Corvette. Moreover, the Falcon 20 has six cockpit windows and two wheels on all landing gears.