Aeritalia G222 & Alenia C-27J

This aircraft spans two generations, one from the early 1970s and the second since the late 2000s. It was originally conceived by the aircraft division of Fiat, soon to become part of Aeritalia. The aircraft was designated G222. The G222 was clearly meant as a medium sized military transport aircraft, having a rear loading ramp. The cockpit has quite some windows, both at the feet of the crew and above their heads. The tandem main landing gear retracts in streamline bodies underneath/at the side of the fuselage. There is nearly a wheel diameter space between the wheels.

The second generation is a completely modernised version, developed by Alenia in response to a USAF requirement. It has many features of the C‑130J Hercules, but still looks as a version of the original G222.

Being a military transport aircraft the G222 has a sloped up rear fuselage to facilitate (un)loading.

The tandem wheel main gear retracts in streamlined bodies. Note the space between the wheels.

The pilots have a good view thanks to the many cockpit windows, both in front, above their heads and at their feet.

Different versions

How to recognise the different versions of the G222 and C‑27J will be added later.

Confusion possible with

CASA CN235/C295

cn235m 100

Both in terms of looks and potential customers the CN235 and C295 are the main competitor of the G222/C-27J. The CN235 and C295 have more cabin windows, no cockpit windows at the feet of the pilots and is generally looking more slender than the G222. 

Fairchild C-123 Provider

c 123k

Also the Provider comes close in general appearance. It even has cockpit windows at the cockpit crew's feet. The few cabin windows are square though, there are no streamline bodies for the gear and the dorsal fin is much bigger with two steps. Finally it has radial piston engines, sometimes complemented by two jet engines under the wings.

Transall C-160

c 160r

The C-160 has the same basic configuration, but is significantly bigger than the G222 & C-27J. Also the C-160 has less cockpit windows, a more square vertical tail and double wheels on the main landing gear legs.

Antonov An-26/An-32

an 26

The An-26 and An-32 are also military transport aircraft with a rear loading ramp. However, both have long main landing gear legs retracting in the engine nacelles.